Audio – Vietnamese Intellectuals?

nam son


Here is the link to an audio recording in which I briefly discuss some issues concerning trends among modern Vietnamese pseudo-intellectuals: Vietnamese Intellectuals – Audio

Towards the end of the video, I read a translation of a passage from 南山叢話 (Nam Sơn tùng thoại) a 19th century Confucian text compiled by the disciples of Nguyễn Đức Đạt (阮德達 , 1824-1887), courtesy name Khoát Như (豁如). Here is the original text of the passage which I quote:

或問經所以鑄人乎翁曰人能鑄經非經鑄人請問 鑄經曰聖用範於易聖制範於書聖風範於詩聖典範於禮聖權範於春秋是故聖人者經之範也能鎔經者能自鎔能自鎔者能鎔人


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